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HALDEY Pharmaceutical Compounding Pharmacy

HALDEY is a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy in NYC. We are your source for all compounded prescriptions independent of your location. We are dedicated to providing you the service, selection and competitive prices you deserve. HALDEY's specializations cover a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas including: pain management, anti-aging & functional medicine, holistic health care, hospice needs, dermatology and health & wellness.

Our pharmacists and technicians are extensively and continuously trained in the art and science of compounding to keep up with the latest techniques and equipment. We continuously invest in research and development of innovative preparations and therapeutic approaches. Our growing formula database includes nearly eleven thousand formulas.

Customer Reviews

"I live in Long Island and take several compounded medications. Finding a Long Island pharmacy that consistently got my medications right and on time seemed impossible until I found HALDEY. Even though they are located in the Bronx they deliver my medication straight to my door and it's on time every time. Thanks!"