How to Prescribe an Rx

HALDEY Makes Prescribing a Custom Medication As Easy As Prescribing Any Traditional Pharmaceutical

There are three simple ways to prescribe a custom medication from HALDEY.

  • 1. Use Our Easy E-Scribe System

    At HALDEY, we accept (and prefer to receive) prescriptions through our simple e-scribing system. You can easily fill out the fields required in the same manner that you would use your in-house EMR. system for any other traditional pharmaceutical.

    Key HALDEY Pharmaceutical Compounding EMR. Data:

    NPI: 1417295437 NCPDP: 5806825

    There are a few things you need to make sure to include when e-scribing a compounded pharmaceutical:

    • Select one of the following in the drug field: Transdermal Cream, Transdemral Pain Base, or Compound Rx (If none of the above are listed in your EMR, please choose “Other” and specify the appropriate formulation you prefer.)
    • Copy and paste the appropriate compound in the “Message” or “Notes to the Pharmacist” field
    • Add appropriate refills and other Rx data points
    • For scheduled medications, you must include all of the following: Directions, MDD, Drug Name, Strength of Active Ingredients, Quantity of Medication, and Date Written.

    Each EMR system is unique, but most can easily be used in conjunction with the one we use here at HALDEY. A member from our IT team would be happy to walk you through the process of connecting your system with ours if you have any trouble. We can also send someone to your office to make any needed adjustments for you.

  • 2. Call us at 646-350-0033 to sign up for our proprietary HALDEY HRX system.

    This system will allow you to login directly into our system, to select from a highly validated list of formulus to match your exact needs.

  • 3. Call It in to Us at 646-350-0033

    Simply call us at 646-350-0033 to tell us about the patient and their prescription.

    If you have a question about the prescription or are unsure of what your best treatment options you have for a particular patient, we also welcome your call. Our pharmacists and compounding specialists are always available to help you find the best solution for your patient. We can do any research needed or make a recommendation based on our extensive database and in-house expertise.

  • 4. Fax Us the Prescription to 855-E-COMPOUND (855-326-6768) Using Our Simple Prescription Template

    You can always fax us a prescription directly at 855-E-COMPOUND (855-326-6768). You can simply fax us the information about your patient and dosage information as we ask for in our prescription template. If you prefer to write a prescription using your regular prescription pad instead of our template, that is also fine to fax over. Just make sure to include a legibly printed name and phone number for both the prescriber and the patient on the cover form.